The Human Decision Academy™ presents the worlds first instruction manual to profit creation for decision makers:

Take a look
"In Search of PROFIT"

- the unavoidable decisions any organization
must optimize to make profits.

Where do profits come from
and how are they made
in the new world of BIG DATA?

Few people know, that profits are the outcome of a specific set of fundamental and unavoidable decisions, playing together.
Knowing these decisions and how they relate, can help you succeed much better in your own search for profit - than not knowing them!
These decisions are the decisions in The Profit Chain™. They are recurring every day in any organization and therefore unavoidable.

Help yourself to become an expert
in the logic of profit!

Brilliant CEO´s and high paid business consultants know these decisions and the sequence they should be made in, to make profits.
They use this knowledge to make organizations make profits. How they do, is generally not known to most people.


Take a look inside:
Framing the BIG DECISIONS in search of profit

1: Introduction to the decision process and decision management
2: Framing the BIG DECISIONS?
3: Profit and the unavoidable BIG DECISIONS - how to avoid unintended consequences and increase profits?
4: Decision Management and the core in any organization:
The Profit Chain™
5: Mindset yourself with The Profit Chain™ in
search of profit
6: Introducing Mr. Boss/introduction case
7: Focus on the way you "think business" before you make your decisions
8: Management and decision making in larger companies:
From one decision to thousands

9: The quantitative aspects behind decision making in real life: Why it is so important to educate and organize for better decision making?
10: The qualitative aspect of decision making in real life:
Conceptual confusion and missing logic
11: "Doing business" as discourse, decision and action
12: The decision method in data-based sciences:
Learning from science
13: Moving from the decision process in science to business decisions
14: A method for a scientific approach to business decision management
15:The logical daughter decision processes
in The Profit Chain™
16: Description and definition of each decision and decision process in The Profit Chain™
17: Competition, interest groups and timing
18: Analysis and argumentation in business:
The Added Value Chain™ and The Profit Chain™
19: The Profit Chain™ and B2C and B2B
20: The Author
21: The Human Decision Academy™:
Mindset people for future decisions and actions
22: Contact information

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The author Finn Gilling, with more than 25 years of consulting and teaching experience from the Copenhagen Business School, has made it easy for you to understand, learn and exploit the secret of the fundamental and unavoidable decisions in The Profit Chain™.
"The Profit Chain ™ was the decision system in my previous company Frithiof A/S, which I sold in 2008.
It gave me and the board of directors the ultimate overview of contexts and priorities of decisions to optimize profits.
The structured process that included all significant profit-making decisions, was decisive evidence of the company's earnings
- and the sales price!"

Iben Frithiof Kristoffersen,
CEO, StorkKlinik, Copenhagen
The Human Decision Academy™ / Symbion Science Park / Fruebjergvej 3 /2100 Copenhagen / Denmark

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